Modeling the tsunami after the Bodrum earthquake 28-06-2017

After Bodrum earthquake there was tsunami that hit the Bodrum marina. This study attempts to model that tsunami using a state-of-the-art ocean circulation model with a wetting/drying capability. The domain is between 25∘E to 28∘E and 35∘N to 38∘N. Total grid points are 1400x1500 points in x-and y-directions respectively. The grid spacing is approximately 250 meter in both directions. There is 1 isopycnic layer in GOLD with RK3 time method and PPM continuity. No Laplacian or Biharmonic viscosity used in the simulation.

Initially there is a gaussian wave (hinitial) with a maximum thickness of 5 meter at the center of the earthquake which is located at  lonc=27.415∘E and  latc=36.923∘N.


Figure. Bodrum Tsunami 2D wetdry zoom domain

The movie of the idealized tsunami can be seen in the movie below:


Next we tested two additional cases for the Bodrum Earthquake. The first case represents if the fault was north dipping (ND) and the second case if it was for the south dipping (SD). Two different cases lead to two different initial tsunami patterns.


Figure. Bodrum Tsunami SD 2D wetdry zoom domain

Figure. Bodrum Tsunami ND 2D wetdry zoom domain