Assoc. Prof.


Phone: +90 212 285 6108


Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences
34469 Sarıyer Maslak – Istanbul, TURKEY

Research Interests

Geomorphology; Geohazards; Hillslope processes and dynamics; Landslides, Landslide hazard and risk; Earthquake-induced landslides; Geomorphometry; Remote Sensing.

Selected Peer-reviewed Publications
  • Görüm, T., (2019). Landslide recognition and mapping in a mixed forest environment from airborne LiDAR data. Engineering Geology, 258, 105155,

  • Görüm, T., (2019). Tectonic, topographic and rock-type influences on large landslides at the northern margin of the Anatolian Plateau, Landslides 16 (2), 333-346,

  • Gorum, T., Korup, O., van Westen, C. J., van der Meijde, M., Xu, C., & van der Meer, F. D. (2014). Why so few? Landslides triggered by the 2002 Denali earthquake, Alaska. Quaternary Science Reviews, 95, 80-94,

  • Gorum, T., van Westen, C. J., Korup, O., van der Meijde, M., Fan, X., & van der Meer, F. D. (2013). Complex rupture mechanism and topography control symmetry of mass-wasting pattern, 2010 Haiti earthquake. Geomorphology, 184, 127-138,

  • Gorum, T., Fan, X., van Westen, C. J., Huang, R. Q., Xu, Q., Tang, C., & Wang, G. (2011). Distribution pattern of earthquake-induced landslides triggered by the 12 May 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. Geomorphology, 133(3), 152-167,